Castles on island ruegen

In 1989, only 165 out of former 216 castles and manors on Ruegen were reported to be in a more or less good condition. In recent years, many of them have been restored and renovated. The castles are located all over the island and are always worth a visit as they are as a rule open to the public, and usually house a restaurant. The most famous castles include, for instance:

  • Ralswiek Castle (see the picture above) in the neighborhood of the Störtebeker festival
  • Granitz hunting lodge with spectacular views from the tower over the neighborhood and the Old Distillery (Alte Brennerei) inn
  • Spyker Castle houses both restaurant and a cultural center with exhibitions, concerts, readings, and a sculpture park
  • Lietzow castle is located at the small and large Jasmund Bodden and is privately owned
  • Putbus Castle is a former residence of the Prince of Putbus in the Putbus city founded in 1810 on Ruegen
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