Germany's largest island is a paradise for anglers and one of Europe’s best fishing areas. Both the internal waters and the Baltic Sea offer many options. Right at the back exit of our guesthouse there is the Lake of Schmachter See, where mainly pike are caught, as shown above.

All waters of the island of Ruegen – as well as Bodden, Lagoon, Wieke, including the 12-mile zone of the Baltic Sea are considered coastal waters as defined in the Fisheries Act of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. If you want to fish in these waters, you must have a valid fishing license. There are daily, weekly and annual fishing permits. The permits are available in the branch offices of the State Office for Fishing in Sassnitz, Lauterbach, Breege and Stralsund, as well as in fishing tackle shops in Sassnitz, Bergen, Binz, Gingst and Altenkirchen.

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