For over 100 years, the 22-meter-high Hiddenseer lighthouse in the highlands of the monastery is the symbol of the island. The Dornbusch Lighthouse (officially designated as Leuchtfeuer Dornbusch) was built in 1887/1888 on the Schluckswieck, a 72-meter-high buckthorn bush hill, and put into operation in 1888.

Hiddensee features one of the few still preserved natural landscapes of Central Europe with natural coastline that is subject to constant change. On a narrow area, a towering cliff, flat coasts, Bodden, spits, wind flats and lagoons are located. The flora and fauna are as diverse as the coastal landscape.

When travelling by car over Schaprode / Ruegen, you can park it in the Schaprode secured parking. On Hiddensee, private car traffic is not allowed. The main means of transportation is a bicycle or horse-drawn carriage.
From Schaprode to the Hiddensee island there is a sea connection. A fast connection is ensured by water taxis

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