Steam-powered narrow gauge railway - Rasender Roland

The Rasender Roland is the colloquial name for a steam-powered narrow gauge railway with a track width of 750 mm on the Ruegen island. The story of the Rügensche Kleinbahne (Ruegen railway-line) which was founded about 120 years ago is characterized by continuous change of owners and operators and economic turmoil. Since March 2008, the Railway Construction and Operating Company Pressnitztalbahn mbH runs the business under the name Rügensche Bäderbahn in a peaceful and stable ‘fairway’.

The first, 10-km long, section was opened from Putbus to Binz on 21.07.1895 as a part of traffic development of the region. Today, the Rasender Roland is mainly a tourist attraction, which slides over the island with only 30 km/h speed. Promoting the slogan ‘the way is the goal’ the Rasender Roland runs through the places of natural beauty on the island. The route runs from Putbus to Binz and then on to Sellin, Baabe and Göhren. About 100 days a year, the train leaves also from the Lauterbach Mole. The stop of the Rasender Roland is in about 5-min walk away from the ANKER guesthouse.

Please note there is a winter and summer schedule. Link to the timetable

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