Baltic Sea Resort of Binz

Binz was first mentioned in 1318 as Byntze, a fishing village. It is the largest Baltic Sea resort of the Rügen Island. It is located at Prorer Wiek, the 5-km long sandy Baltic Sea bay. Binz is surrounded by beech forests of the nature reserve of the Granitz with adjacent cliffs; to the west of Binz there is the lake of Schmachter See; to the east – there is the Baltic Sea. The 5-km long Binz beach is sandy and stone-free with the sea floor gently sloping into the water. The sheltered location and weak surf make Binz a popular sea resort.
The history of Binz is marked by the architecture style known as resort architecture which appeared between the late 19th century and 1920s. Architectural characteristics of this style are bay windows, porches and wooden balconies on the facades, as well as stylized towers with conical and pyramidal roofs. Binz enjoys the mild climate with over 1,800 hours of sunshine per year, that is why it is considered to be one of the sunniest regions in Germany.

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