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Spring walk through Binz with start at the guesthouse Anker

Enjoy with us a spring walk through the Baltic resort of Binz during your holiday in the Pension ANKER. We start on the grounds of the pension ANKER, where you can admire the splendor of the blossoms even in spring. It goes from the front buildings towards behind exit, where you meet directly on the trail of the lake 'Schmachter See'. The circular route is divided into a pedestrian area and bicycle area and leads around a small part of lake 'Schmachter See'. We walk towards the village center and the footbridge of lake 'Schmachter See', where the extended Binzer main road ends. If you go from the 'Schmachter' lake, in the direction of local center, then the Binzer pedestrian zone with its shops, restaurants, cafes and bistros begins. At the end of the main street, you reach the Binz sea bridges place with tower clock and pier.  

The walk continues on the pier where you have a magnificent view the bay of Binz with the Baltic Sea beach, the beach promenade with Wilhelminian style villas and the 'Kurhaus'. Continue to 'Kurhaus' on the Kurhaus-Place with pavilion and seating. The beach promenade towards Prora is lined with restaurants and shops, which are located in the villas of Binz resort architecture. On the right you have a beautiful view of the past pier and the Baltic Sea beach. At regular intervals there are on the beach promenade departures directly to the beach. From there you have a fantastic view to the bay of binz with the sandy Baltic Sea beach.

 After your walk on the beach, you will reach the Wylichstrasse from the beach promenade at the youth hostel of Binz. You will always walk straight until you reach the lake 'Schmachter See'. From here, keep left towards the jetty of Schmachter lake and continue on the circular route until you are back on the rear exit of the pension area.  

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