Schiff legt an der Binzer Seebrücke an Richtung Kreidefelsen

Pier traffic

To experience Rügen from the water is a must for every visitor. Between the piers of the Baltic resorts of Sassnitz, Binz, Sellin and Göhren there is a lot of boat traffic. In summer you can escape the traffic and still experience an unforgettable view of the seaside resorts from the sea. Please note that there is a winter and summer schedule. Day trips can also be combined with the Rasenden Roland, the steam train on Rügen.

Timetable pier traffic


Boat trips to chalk cliffs and Cape Arkona

One of the most popular excursions is a boat trip to Cape Arkona and the chalk cliffs. From the sea you have the best view of the chalk cliffs, the landmark of Rügen and can experience the approx. 120 m high elevation, the so-called Königsstuhl. Information about the excursion and the sights you will receive directly on the ship, during the tour.

Timetable chalk cliffs and Cape Arkona

Charter a ship yourself

If you have a sailing license yourself, then it is worth exploring the coast in the Bodden waters and outside of Rügen yourself. Since the Baltic Sea can also be quite demanding, you should have some experience for a tour around Rügen. Especially the different coastal formations, inlets and spits make the cruising area so varied and charming.

Yacht charter on Rügen