Rügener Kreideküste mit Königsstuhl vom Meer - Pension Anker, Binz

Discover the island of Rügen

Enclosed you will find some exciting information about your vacation area, the island of Rügen and the Baltic resort of Binz. More information about the region can be found in the many suggestions for a vacation design.

Information about vacation design options

Information about the Baltic resort Binz

Dear vacation guests, the Baltic resort of Binz is one of the most traditional seaside resorts on the entire Baltic coast. The filigree villas in the style of spa architecture invite you to marvel. Inform yourself among other things about the history of Binz, the Baltic Sea beach, the beach promenade, the Binz main street and pedestrian zone and the nature reserve at Schmachter Lake enriched with many pictures.

Did you know that you can even make a campfire on the beach of Binz ?

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Rügen through the seasons

The island of Rügen is worth a trip at any time of the year. Whether as a short trip, active vacation, relaxing vacation or a long weekend at the classic holidays such as Easter, Ascension and Whitsun. You will always experience Rügen differently.

In spring the days are long in the north:      Rügen in spring

Summer is the time for a beach vacation: Rügen in summer

In autumn is the time for an active vacation:          Rügen in autumn

In winter is the time of peace and quiet:        Rügen in winter 

Viking treasure found on Rügen

Did you know that the island of Rügen is not only a vacation island, but also a treasure island ?

Learn more about the curious history and treasure hunt of a young amateur archaeologist on Rügen !

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