Leuchtturm auf Hiddensee mit Frühlingslandschaft und Meer

Insel Hiddensee

The island of Hiddensee is always worth a day trip from Pension ANKER. It borders directly on the island of Rügen. For over 100 years the 22 m high Hiddensee lighthouse in the highlands of Kloster has been the landmark of the island. The "Dornbusch" beacon - as it is expertly called - was built in 1887/88 on the Schluckswieck, a thorn bush hill rising 72 m above the sea, and put into operation in 1888.


On Hiddensee you can experience a beautiful vacation, because ma finds one of the few remaining natural landscapes in Central Europe with natural coastline, which is subject to constant change. In a very small area, a towering cliff, flat coasts, bodden, spits, wind mudflats and beach lakes meet. The flora and fauna is as diverse as this coastal landscape.

 If you arrive by car via Schaprode/Rügen, there are parking possibilities in Schaprode on guarded parking lots. On Hiddensee itself private car traffic is not allowed. The main means of transport is the bicycle or horse-drawn carriage.
From Schaprode there is a boat connection to the island of Hiddensee. A fast connection is provided by water cabs.