Naturbühne Ralswiek während Aufführung Störtebeker Festspiele - Pension Anker, Rügen

Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek

Experience the adventures of the legendary pirate Störtebeker on the unique natural stage in Ralswiek. Up to 9,000 visitors can enter the spectator area, with a sensational view of the large Jasmund Bodden. A theater play with 120 participants, 4 ships, 30 horses, as well as special effects and much more. Every evening you will see as the finale a great fireworks display that will make your visit to the island of Rügen an unforgettable experience. The 2015 season is themed 'Enemy of All Worlds' and runs from June 20 to September 05. Enclosed is the link to the

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Impressions of the Störtebeker Festival