Selliner Seebrücke mit Restaurant-Aufbauten und Strandkörbe - Pension Anker, Rügen

Rügen in summer

Summer on Rügen is a beautiful season, because of the variety of light and shade throughout the day. A special experience during your vacation is a sunrise on the pier of Binz, where the sun emerges from the sea and conjures up an unforgettable sight on the beach of Binz with its morning rays. But also the Sellin pier, which can be seen in the picture above, will be happy about a visit. Why don't you take advantage of the comfortable pier service between the piers of Binz and Sellin and return with the steam train 'Rasender Roland'? The station of the "Rasender Roland" in Binz ends only a few minutes walk from the Pension ANKER.

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Summer stroll through Binz

1,000 square kilometers of island, almost 580 km of coastline offer varied views over land, Baltic Sea and Bodden. Summer is the season of bathing vacations. The Baltic Sea has a water temperature between 18 and 23 degrees. A typical view at this time of year are the blooming rape fields, some of which reach as far as the coastlines. The bright yellow in combination with the blue of the sea is especially beautiful in the evening hours.
A day trip to the island of Hiddensee is a welcome change and offers spectacular views from the Leutturm. A visit to the Störtebeker Festival in Ralswiek on the famous lake stage is a 'must' during your summer vacation.