Seebrücke Ostseebad Binz mit Schild für Schiffanlegestelle - Rügen, Pension ANKER

Ostseebad Binz - your vacation resort on the island of Rügen

Binz was first mentioned in a document in 1318 as a fishing village Byntze. Today it is the largest and most diverse seaside resort on the island of Rügen and a beautiful vacation resort with a 5 km long fine sandy Baltic Sea bay called 'Prorer Wiek'. Framed by the beech forests of the Granitz nature reserve with adjacent cliffs, Lake Schmachter lies to the west and to the east Binz is enclosed by the Baltic Sea.

The history of Binz is characterized by the end of the 19th century to the 20's developed building style of the spa architecture. Architecturally characteristic are oriels, verandas and wooden balconies on the facades, as well as stylized towers with cone and pyramid roofs. Binz offers a mild stimulating climate with over 1,800 hours of sunshine per year, making it one of the sunniest areas in Germany.

Binz Baltic Sea Beach

The 5 km long Binz Baltic Sea beach is fine sandy and stone-free with seabed sloping gently into the water. The sheltered location and weak surf make Binz a popular seaside resort. Access to the beach is via the promenade, where there are beach accesses through the dunes at certain intervals. The dunes themselves may not be entered, as they are protected and important for coastal protection.

The normal textile beach is located to the left and right of the pier. At the very end, there are nudist beaches on the left and right with 4 designated beach sections. 

The offer at the beach is varied and offers e.g. bars/bistros (e.g. at the pier), restaurants (at the promenade), beach chair rental, toilets (free of charge via spa card), mobile ice cream sellers in summer and sportive offers like beach volleyball, trampoline, pedal boat rental, water skiing and banana boating. It is even possible to make a bonfire on the beach in the time from 18-24:00. Prerequisite: application for permission to use a fireplace on the beach.

From the 370m long pier there is a lively boat traffic to the other seaside resorts on Rügen and to the chalk cliffs.


The beach promenade in Binz is one of the cultural centers and centers of social life and serves as a promenade with high recreational value. The large European seaside resorts served as models for the construction around 1895. In Binz, too, a view of the beach and the Baltic Sea should always be possible while strolling. The promenade was renovated and reconstructed in the mid-90s and is about 700 m long south of the pier in the direction of Fischerstrand and about 3.2 km long north of Kurhausplatz in the direction of Prora. 

The center of the promenade is the Kurhausplatz with the pavilion. Concerts are held in the pavilion in summer and at the back there is a WebCam with a view of the Baltic Sea beach. From May to September, the northern promenade is lined with artisans who display their art in white and blue market stalls in the style of the seaside resort architecture and present it for sale. The southern beach promenade is usually not so busy and invites you to a contemplative stroll to admire the impressive villas of the spa architecture of Binz (see picture). 

Binzer main street and pedestrian zone

The 'main street' of Binz is lined left and right with trees and benches and invites you to stroll and stroll. If you start your walk from the rear exit of Pension ANKER via the Schmachter See Promenade in the direction of the pedestrian zone, you will walk along stores, restaurants, small stores, cafes and bakeries in the direction of the pier. The stores are usually run by local citizens of Binz and are lovingly decorated. They range from jewelry, watch, cosmetics and souvenir stores to shoe and clothing stores.

The cozy outdoor terraces of the restaurants, which are directly adjacent to the footpath, invite you to linger. Over a cafe, Proseco or freshly tapped beer, it is interesting to watch the passing visitors and vacationers of the Baltic seaside resort. The restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from North German dishes, fish dishes and the general classics such as schnitzel and steak to the popular Italian or Greek cuisine. If you just want to have a small snack or something 'on the fist', you are in good hands in the birstros or outside stalls.

Lake Schmachter

The extended Binzer main road ends directly at Schmachter See. The shore area overgrown with reeds is a nature reserve with a rich bird life, where even ospreys and sea eagles can be found. At the same time, in the area where the lake borders Binz, there is the possibility of walking or cycling along the shore area. The Schmachter lake is an inland water and can be fished with a valid fishing license

In the immediate vicinity of the rear exit of the Pension ANKER, there is the so-called Park of the Senses at the lake. It serves as a rest and relaxation area with a water playground, observation tower and themed gardens. The Park of the Senses, the paved lakeside path and the Schmachter Lake Promenade were created and redesigned as an outdoor location of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA). In particular, the lake promenade is a popular meeting place in the evening hours to experience the sunset behind the lake together in a beautiful vacation atmosphere. 

Impressions from the Baltic resort Binz